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Home Roots

“We wanted to create healthy, convenient and delicious dinner boxes for other families like ours. DayToDay was born in our home kitchen and now feeds thousands of people around the country.”

- Geir & Sissel


Head Chef & Recipe Developer

“I love designing a range of meal plans and recipes every week that will delight you! I’ll save you time, money and effort. While ensuring you eat healthy and delicious dinners during the week. I want nights-in to be like a night-out!"

- Chef Gino



“As a Registered Dietitian, I’m constantly analyzing our recipes and meal plans to ensure you and your loved ones are getting a balanced, healthy and nutritious dinner.”

- Mariella

Our 5, Easy-To-Prep Boxes:

carb conscious food


Specially designed to remove all refined carbs. If the low-carb lifestyle is what you want, we have healthy, exciting dishes for every occasion.

Let's make the healthiest choice the easiest!

family recipe


Designed for families, young, fussy kids included! Make sure that everyone eats a healthy & delicious dinner every night with these family favourites!


Pressed for time? Then let’s get dinner done in 20min or less with these simple yet wholesome dishes. All of the flavour, none of the hassle!

quick recipe no pork

EXPRESS (no pork)

The cousin of our Express plan allows you to enjoy pork-free meals while ensuring that you don’t sacrifice taste, variety or your foodie experience!

food for fitness


This fitness-ready option is pored over by Mariella, our in-house dietitian and out-of-house successful athlete.

Checked for perfect proportions of starch, proteins & veg, with fats kept to a healthy minimum, this menu can accompany anyone to a healthier, fitter Summer.

Get carried away with those food pics and forget why you came here? ;)

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