As founders of DayToDay, our role is to design exciting, easy-to-follow recipes, with the best possible ingredients and produce. DayToDay  has its own recipe team that works closely with the sourcing and production to optimize every week of goodies sent to our customers.

With our recipe team’s magic touch are we able to create dinner magic every day for our customers with limited amount of time. Our goal is to create fresh meals to delight your taste buds without offending your waistline!



Eating healthy has to be fun and taste great. We believe DayToDay is simply a brilliant way of bringing beautiful produce, healthy recipes and delicious flavours together at home. We truly believe in South African produce, where we prioritise the smaller and ethical business practice as well as the top quality of the product itself.



Our cooking style is seasonally focused. Maintaining a seasonal focus means better choice and quality of produce, thus avoids the imported produce that has sat around for months in cool storage. It also means that you’re buying and supporting locally grown South African made products. We will be creating new recipes every season, ensuring locally grown, nutritious recipes are found in every DayToDay delivery.



DayToDay recipes are a delight to discover every week. We have worked on creating a balance of meals and flavors over the week that makes the most of seasonal produce. This might mean there’s an ingredient or two you haven’t cooked with before or a flavour that’s unfamiliar. Don’t worry, many of the daunting sounding dishes are actually not hard at all. If you’re not used to eating something in the box, give it a go – hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised and find that you do like it!